Hello dear Friends. We recently (1st July 2017) launched MuTitaniuM Season 4 Low server. Being hosted on powerful server with a excellent connection speed. Its a long term server and we are inviting you to be with us. Our aim is to make everything possible to improve your gaming expierience and promote your comfort.



Season 4
Exp : 100x
Drop : 75
PPL : 5/7 (+1)
Reset LVL : 400 (Max 30 resets)
Reset Cost : 100kk * Reset count
Keep stats : Yes till Grand Reset
Grand Reset : 30 resets, Stats cut leaving 3k each grand reset
Grand Reset cost : 15kkk
Grand reset cap : 5 (Until further notice)
NO F.O. Items
NO Max stats
NO Online Webshop
2 Options per item max
2 Sockets per item max
Player 2 Player online Market Place
Online warehouse
Online Zen Wallet
Monster HP : 100% (Excluding Goldens & Event monsters)
All golden dragon invasions (inc. Great golden dragon)
All Goldens are Overpowered
Unique Self made event (Zaikan Hunt and Deathbone Hunt - 1 time in 24 hours)
Blood Castle Overpowered gates / statue + Reward Kundun box
Devil Square Golden Monster Hunt
Chaos Machine Rates : Default
Territory / VIP systems working
Vote system - Credits reward
Refferal system - Credits reward
Original English Client
Self translated game Client in Latvian Language (beta ver.)
Russian Language Client under maintenance
Bless bug : Off
Jewel Rates : Default
AntiCheat System
Regular Updates
Active Admins and Customer service
And much much more...

MuTitanium S4E6 Home


I hope YOU will join us.
Kind regards.