sveiki ,  vajag palīdzību vienam crpyto projektam , samaksāšu bankas pārskaitījumā vai kripto valūtā. (~500-1000eur)

Ja domā , ka esi spējīgs patstāvīgi un laicīgi izdarīt dod ziņu.


I need the function prepareTransfers() from the IOTA JS lib ported to PHP:

I need a PHP function that accepts the same input variables of:
-1. seed key
-2. address of recipient
-3. message - the tryte-encoded transaction payload message
-4. tag - tryte-encode tag for the transaction

And produces the same raw tryte transaction output. Such output should be accepted as input to AttachToTangle() without failure.

Since the value variable will always be 0, there is no need to deal with the value based transfer functions. Therefore also not needed is the inputs variable which lists the inputs to fund the transfer.

The javascript version of the function can be found here:

A good place to start would be to run data through the function and reverse engineer the output.

I will not accept an answer of running node.js or Mozilla Rhino.

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