RozaMu 2005-2018

OFFICIAL START DATE: 6TH October 20:00 (Eastern European Time)

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Welcome in RozaMu 2018
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Skype: live:sic.rozamu

RozaMu is opening doors again!

We believe that over 4 months of hard work, we have created the best old school server that has ever been made. For those who have played Mu Online in the 2005, 2006, this server will give you a taste of the good old times. About RozaMu: RozaMu is founded in 2005 and for those who remember it, it was one of the best Mu Online servers existed back then. Sadly, we had to close doors in 2009, but here we’re again - better than ever! What we offer:

* High Quality Hard Old School Server.
* Balanced PVP & Gameplay.
* No Webshop, or VIP with privileges.
* High Intrigue (Everything is sought out including the lower abilities for SM)
* Advanced Anti-Cheat.
* Professional Team.

Server Location: France


* Version: 99.62T
* Experience: 80x
* Drop Rate: 50% (increased drop on excellent items)
* Max Level: 400
* Max Reset: 50 (First max reset will be 10, Second 15 and from 20 it will increase +2 every week)
* Reset Level: 350
* Reset Cost: 15 Mil Zen x reset
* Keep Stats: No
* Reset Points: BK - 500 | DL - 600 | SM - 550 | ELF - 570 | MG - 650
* Level Up Points: BK/SM/ELF - 5 | MG/DL - 7 |
* Bless Bug: Off
* Pk Clear: 10ml x Pk Count (command /pkclear or through the website) command /pkclear or through the website
* Webshop: No. Only Market.
* Custom Events: Mass Pk (Every Friday), Hall of Fame (Every Saturday), Castle Siege (Every Sunday)
* Event Times: Blood Castle: Every Hour, Devil Square, Chaos Castle, Sky Event - Every 2 hours
* Success Rates: Medium-Hard
* Mana Shield Formula: Agility Percent = 400, Energy Percent = 800, Time = 40, Maximum Percentage = 80
* Boss Mobs: Kundun, Erohim, Red Dragon
* Spawns: All Maps.
* Pvp: Balanced PVP - every character has equal strength (We've tested the balance on all max resets)
* Short Commands for teleport: /move lor, /move dav, /move nor, /move dun, dun2, dun3, /move atl, atl2, atl3, /move lt, lt2, lt3, lt4, lt5, lt6, lt7 /move tar, tar2, /move ica, /move sta (stadium)
* Commands: /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /post, /sell, /buy, /marry, /accept, /tracemary, /divorce, /charinfo, /re on/off, /questinfo, /pkclear,
/exit, /time
* Golden Invasions: Up to Grand Soul, Divine, Thunder Hawk... (last tier set from boss)
* Blood Castle: BC7 = BOX+3, BC6 = BOX+3, BC5 = BOX+2, BC4 = BOX+2, BC3 = BOX+1, BC2 = BOX+1, BC1 = Random Jewel
* Devil Square: 1St: 50 Mil Zen, 2nd: 25 Mil Zen, 3rd: 15 Mil Zen, 4th: 10 Mil Zen, Bosses: DS6: Golden Dragon, DS5 Golden Dragon, DS4, Golden Titan, DS3 Golden Titan, DS2 Golden Goblin, DS1 Golden Goblin (they will be increased later on)
* Sky Event: Items from Box+3, item level +7 + add. (They will be increased later on)
* Mass Pk Event: Items from Boxes with 2 exl opt + luck (without weapons/rings/pendants)
* Hall of Fame Event: Items from Boxes with 2 exl opt + luck for every each winner of races (without weapons/rings/pendants)
* Castle Siege: Unlocks Land of Trials and access to Erohim & Kundun Boss.
* Account Settings: Personalise your account by uploading your personal profile image.
* Ticket System: A system constructed to help you contact us.
* Double Stats : Easy way to switch between PVE AND PVP stats.
* Web market: A market where you can buy items for jewels, Zen and etc.
* Private Bank: Withdraw or deposit Zen, jewels, stones or boxes.
* Storage: If you run out of space in you warehouse, you can transfer your items to your Web Storage.
* Exchange Time: Exchange your total online time for credits – stay online and win more credits.
* Vote for Credits: Vote every 12 hours and earn credits
* Weekly Rankings: Obtain rewards for BC/DS/Exchanged Online Time/Top Voter/
* Change Name: New Name? Easy way to change your name.
* Change Class: New Class? Easy way to change your class.
* Мystic Chest: You are probably wondering what the loot from a Mystic Chest is? Well, you can easly find out by opening one yourself! It is a Mystic Chest after all, but I will give you a hint! You can get some pretty good items that don't drop in the game! Have fun and good luck with the loot!



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Laboja RozaMu, labots 6x