The Punic wars took place in Italy, Africa and islands of Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia. The whole war is divided in 3 wars, known as the first, second and third Punic war. The reason for the wars was the situation on the island of Sicily, where Carthaginians (or Punics as Romans called them) had overtaken most of the island which was formally owned by the Roman empire.
The war started with an attack to the city of Messina by Romans which was a great success. The Romans then continued attacks to the Carthaginian forces all over Sicily until they had defeated most of them. After a harsh defeat at the Battle of Agrigentum, the Cartaginian leadership decided to avoid further land-based attacks but concentrate on sea attacks instead, where they believed Carthage's large navy had an advantage. This resulted in Rome drastically expanding its navy in a very short time and thus defeating Carthage on the sea. They then proceeded to make a direct attack to Carthage city, which being successful at first resulted in a complete destruction of the Roman forces. The battle then continued again on the island of Sicily. Although, Carthaginians managed to win a few battles, they were running short on military resurces, so eventually they were forced to agree on peace, hand out the prisoners of war and pay great amounts of reperations. The war ended with Rome winning the war and gaining property of Sicily.

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