You know your addicted to RuneScape when...
*When you go to a public bank and start yelling over and over “selling pencil 200gp”
*When you stand up to a murderer with a gun because you think you have protect against range
*When you get angry that men and women get suspicious about you pickpocketing them once
*You put on your mom's diamond wedding ring thinking it’s a ring of life and jump off a cliff
*You prowl around a graveyard with a steel hatchet in search of zombies and skeletons
*When you try to find a pick lock option on a locked door
*You report your parents for having sex as it is against jagexs’s code of behavior
*you challenge a bully twice your size to the wilderness when there is no wilderness and expect your “clan to be there”
*in the actual woods wilderness you beg a hiker to not kill you
stand still and not do anything for days waiting for a random event to
come and give you stuff, but end up dieing from starvation
*you believe your black cat is a black dragon
*you think making chalk drawings on the driveway is witchcraft
*you go to a abandon shed in hopes of reaching zanaris
*you call babies newbs
*you call young elementary schoolers noobs
find a blood stained hatchet and think it’s a dragon wc axe, and cut
“yews” with it and the police find you and think your the "murderer
with the axe", practicing to cut up victims
*you think the desks in your classroom were once part of the round table
*a harmless gardener spider bites you and you frantically drink a mountain dew because you believe you have been poisoned
*you think it’s a quest to go get the mail and get mad at your mom for not giving you “exp” and rewards so you punch her
*you wonder what a dollar bill is
*your afraid someone will hack you
*you enter random people’s houses in search for items on tables that you can "take"
*at a phone booth someone gives you extra money, and you say “add me” to him and he backs away scared
you walk into a bank and yell "BUYING LOBS 300 EACH", and when someone
asks you what a "lob" is, you scream "NUB" and stalk off
* you
walk into the "wilderness" (actually the forest behind your house) and
see someone walking with a fake sword and shield. You then attack them
in a rage with a red pipe cleaner with a green end, calling it a "dds".
* that guy then punches you and you think he's been skulled so you knock him out and steal his stuff
* if you have ever said lol or any abbreviation for an item in a conversation
get sent to prison for life for digging up peoples bones with a spade
you stole from your neighbor's shed, and then burying them in your own
yard.  You then complain that you "were getting prayer XP, and that you
have almost gotten protect from melee"
* when you hit a police officer with a stick with the reason that you are training off guards
*you pourposely get into a fight with someone much bigger and stronger then you, somehow win, then shout "PWNED, NUB"
*after that, you notice your a LITTLE bit more experienced, so you also shout "LVL UP!!!"
*in chemistry, you mix deadly toxins and potions in hope of making a prayer pot but when u drink it it kills you in 30 seconds
* you call devout christians prayer noobs for praying all the time
you get sick and almost die for furiously eating whole sharks and cakes
in rapid succession, because you thought you were gonna die and loose
all your items in a sparring match with a friend
*when you close the door on someone and they get stoped on the other side you call them corner noobs
*when you go on really long world travel journeys for "new songs"
*when some one says “runescape sucks” to you, you say “man! How could u hate the world we live in? hater noob”
*when the strongest thing you can find to fight is a bear
*you think homework is some sort of elvin code
*you start to wonder if your sister is a dwarf
*on Halloween you attack everyone because you think demons have been summoned.
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