Ķeram ko varam.

"Halloween is almost here, and we know a lot of you are pretty scared. Normally, our advice would be to try to keep it together and just ride this thing out. But this year, we have a better idea: let Steam be your safe harbor from the terror that will probably be haunting your, say, house, for instance.With that in mind, from now through October 31st, we're offering discounts on a bunch of great games. Oh, these discounts will be shocking. Though they won't be scary in any meaningful way. Let these insane - but deliberately, rationally insane - deals be the one good, pure thing you cling to throughout the dark days ahead. Not sold? What if we told you that for every game you buy, we promise to try to kill a monster. Like maybe a skeleton. In fact, that's our Steam Halloween pledge to you: Sensible savings and we are going to murder a skeleton."


Pats personīgi ņēmšu https://store.steampowered.com/app/8980/ un

Izpārdošana (atlaides) ir spēkā līdz 31.oktobrim. Tas ir līdz nākoš pirmdienai. HF.